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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Money...It's a good start.

I was thinking today about money and all that came to mind was stress. Was that the way that money is supposed to make us feel? If so, I don't want any part of it. Well, wait a minute.....I forgot, you can't get any where, or anything for that matter with out it. My wife, Laura, brought up a good point today. She said,"Who ever said that money doesn't make you happy, is full of shit". As much as I would like to disagree with her on this matter, she is somewhat correct, but how did our society end up at this point where every single thing costs us something. I got to thinking a little bit, and it's not the money that would make us happy, but the relief from the stress it brings. The stress of a mortgage, car, or credit card payment. Once you have paid your bills and taxes to the taxman, what do you have left? Enough to buy a few groceries, some gas to get to work and back, and then you are back to square one. Then all of the sudden, your car breaks down or your dog(child) gets sick and you have to see the vet. STRESS< STRESS>STRESS....It is a never ending cycle...Even for the people who are making the BIG BILLS, the stress is there because they are working so hard to make the money....No time to chill with their family, or walk the dog, or take a hike...

    Everyday you see this. People go to work at say 6 in the morning and then don't come home until 6 at night, after sitting in traffic both directions. They are so busy busting their hump at the job, that they cannot even take a descent lunch break and if they do it's in most cases the closest fastfood joint. But wait, it doesn't end there. They get home stuff their faces with whatever they can find and chug a beer to take off the edge. Then, before you know it, it is time for bed, but the problem is you can't sleep because of all that stress, shitty food, lack of physical activity , and minimal exposure to natural light all day.

   Does it really have to be that way? Does every human have to buy into "money for happiness"? How did we end up this way? Why are endless amounts of humans across the world sacrificing their health, sanity, and lives just for a bigger paycheck? Shouldn't each of us live life to the fullest and enjoy what we do? Instead we work, until we are 60 yrs old and then retire and start a new job that we really don't want to do....... but the cycle continues, because we need that money.....

     So, at this point, i am just rambling on about money, but it sure is something to think about......I guess what i really wanted to say was. I think that everyone should enjoy what they do, and stop focusing money as the only motivator for a career choice. We should encourage our children to focus on what they really want to do in life and don't let anything stand in the way, because in the end, it's "you " who needs to be happy. If everyone understood that, the world could possibly be a much healthier and happier place. Just my opinion.

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